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39 x 22.5     $750    "Coastline"

Joe put a fresh coat of white paint on the walls, ceiling and floor, moved in some of the art collection he and his wife, Jeanne, had acquired over the years, installed a sound system so he could hear his favorite operas and Rock ‘n Roll bands, set up his space to paint, and named it “Blanco y Blanco”.  Over the years, Joe and his wife Jeanne would open the studio to host private parties with friends, workshops for artists, and fund raisers for the charitable organizations they supported. Jeanne has carried on this tradition

23 x 15   $250 "The Get Away"

About Joe Lalli


Joe was a renowned Landscape Architect and President of EDSA, one of the world’s largest Landscape Architecture Firms.  In addition to being a talented landscape architect, Joe was also a gifted watercolorist.  He started out experimenting with watercolor then he met Frank Web in Maine who was an artist who gave workshops during the summers. 

Under his direction, Joe discovered his love of painting. He continued to paint the many beautiful locations he visited because of his work throughout his life. His wife, Jeanne, is also a talented painter and together they shared their love of art with others. After Joe’s passing in 2014, Jeanne closed her studio and moved into “Blanco y Blanco”.  

Joe Lalli loved the space the moment he saw it in the 1990s when his friend, Dalva Duarte, had it as her studio.  Years later, after Dalva moved to France and the real estate market collapsed, Joe seized the opportunity to purchase the space.  Originally the space was used as a warehouse for McCrory’s Five and Dime.  The angular walls, high ceilings and lighting made for a dynamic creative space. 

23 x 15   $250   "Coastline 2"

23 x 15   $250  "Casa"

23 x 15   $250  "Casa 2"

23 x 15   $250  "The Tower"

16 x 12  $250 ""House Near the Mountain"

16 x 12  $250 "The Docks"

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