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Dwayne Black

Watching Art One $2000 2.5'x3.5'.jpeg

Watching Art One $2000 2.5'x3.5'

Watching Art Two $2000 3.5'x2.5' 2.jpeg

Watching Art Two $2000 3.5'x2.5' 2

“Dwayne’s work is edgy & imaginative,” says Jeanne Dawson Lalli, Ft. Lauderdale artist, friend, and mentor. His work is collected privately in homes throughout the US. He has won numerous awards for throughout his career as an artist. Dawyne is also the pastor of The sanctuary Church in Ft. Lauderdale.

Watching Art Three $2000 3.5'x2.5'.jpeg
Watching Art Four $2000 2.5'x3.5'.jpeg

Watching Art Three $2000 3.5'x2.5'

Watching Art Four $2000 2.5'x3.5'

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