Dwayne Black

is a seasoned artist and designer whose career

began in the early ’80s. As a founder of Fringe & Co.,

an events decor firm Dwayne became known for his 

dramatic “out of the box” event design. 

As a visual artist, his interests lie in acrylic washes

and mixed media. Dwayne has won several awards

for his work including the prestigious South Florida

Hortt Exhibition for mixed media piece "Banned in

Broward” noted and seen on the cover of New Times Magazine.

Watching Art One $2000 2.5'x3.5'

His work has shown at Nova University, Florida Atlantic University,

Art Serve, & NSU Art Museum Ft. Lauderdale. Often he is moved by social justice issues which have a strong influence on his work as with his Art Serve award-winning painting "Abu Grab”.

Watching Art Two $2000 3.5'x2.5' 2

“Dwayne’s work is edgy & imaginative,” says Jeanne Dawson Lalli, Ft. Lauderdale artist, friend, and mentor. His work is collected privately in homes throughout the US. He is a member of Blanco Y Blanco Arts Group, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Dwayne studied visual art at the

University School.

Watching Art Three $2000 3.5'x2.5'

Watching Art Four $2000 2.5'x3.5'

He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Florida Atlantic University and a Masters of Divinity from Saint Thomas University. He studied under artists Robert Watson, Claire Dorst, and Egidio Antonaccio. 

Additionally, Dwayne is the pastor of The Sanctuary Church in Ft. Lauderdale.

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